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These are personal web sites that John Brock has published and are live on the Internet.
John Brock Portfolio - Personal Mithril Steel Sandhills Patron The Elven Nation is my personal resume and portfolio site. It has a flash intro and navigation. It serves as a complete portfolio of all of my work, regardless of contracted company.
    Visit the Web Site is a carryover from my childhood hobby of Native American Old Style Dancing. is a personally sponsored site developed to passing on the traditions and etiquettes of Native Dancing.
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  Mithril Steel
Mithril Steel is a personal site where I show off some of my miniature paintings that I do for games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Dark Heresy Warhammer.
Visit the Web Site is a sight I developed for fun that is probably the closest thing to a "this is me" web site that so many amateur webmasters build on geocities. It is based on the theme of "stuff in my backpack".
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web deisgn
  Sandhills Patron is a review and directory of restaurants in the Southern Pines, Aberdeen, and Pinehurst areas of North Carolina
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  The Elven Nation is like Mithril Steel, but it focuses on the miniatures I paint for my Eldar army in the Warhamer 40,000 universe.
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